Suggested Gear List – CYCLE tours

For all our cycling activities we strongly recommend high viz clothing. 

For walking tours – check out your list here – just no need for the cycling specific items.

We ask you to restrict your size of your luggage to 1 medium sized suitcase or hold-all. 

Other Important information for your tour

Helmets – are supplied by us however if you would like to bring your own that’s fine with us.

In the van we have useful bits and pieces such as hand sanitizer, wipes, insect repellent, sun cream and first aid.

This is a very comprehensive list and only a guide of suggestions – you know what works for you in different weather


We are finding most groups now set up their own WhatsApp app or similar group to share photos during and after the trip. Your guide is always happy to take group photos on one of your phones/cameras.

We would like to use photos of your Northland Experiences trip for ongoing marketing and promotion of our company activities through social and print media – if you don’t want to be included in our promotional images please advise us so that the Tour Leader can be aware and make sure we do not compromise your wishes.

We never tag you with names – but you are welcome to tag posts after they have been published.

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